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Pirate's Treasure Task For Runescape

Difficulty: Moderate
Length: Short
Props needed: 60 coins, White apron which can buy form varrock clothes shop), Spade
The resulting Quest Points: 2
Reward: 450 coins, Cut Emerald, and Gold Ring
Start Location: Port Sarim
Start NPC: Redbeard Frank

Redbeard Frank knows a treasure hiding place, but you have to convince him to tell you the hiding place.Talk with pirate Redbeard Frank , he will tell you something If you want to get a treasure, you should give him a Karamjan rum.Go to Karamja by boat(need 30gp) and buy a Karamjan rum (need 30gp) From the bar.  go to northeast of the bar ,you will find Luthas's hut ,find Luthas  and tell him you can help him fill the outside of the wooden box with bananas.On Cabin Western banana field. you could come back to Luthas's hut when you gain 10 bananas. First put Karamjan rum into the wooden box (use Karamjan rum with crate), then use the same method put bananas into the wooden box (Please be careful ,don't eat bananas). next step, you can tell Luthas you have finished it, he'll give you 30 rs gold.

Go back to port sarim, Toward West direction, you will find the food shop (owner wydin). Before talking to him, put on your white apron (buy from in varrock clothes shop). Try to enter the store room, tell them , you are staff of store. Ask him if you can get a job here, if you wear the white apron that he would agree. Utility room has a lot of wooden boxes, one lays a banana, search the crate, you will get Karamjan rum. Now ,Go back to Redbeard Frank there and give him that sticks Karamjan Rum, he will give you one keys that are used to open Varrock Blue Moon Inn is a treasure chest. Go to Varrock's Blue Moon Inn, a layer into the west side of the room. Use the key to open the chest in the room. You will get a note, it tells you that the treasure is located in Falador's park.

Run to Falador's park and serch west of statue, use your spade to dig the earth "X" (If you don't have spade,  you can find a new one in the furnace where is east of the house near Falador). There is a gardener will attack you, kill him to get rs 3 gold and then dig.Okay,Congratulation! you have completed this task now!  you will find that you don't need a boat and crew dialogue from now, select wear blue clothes crew  and select the second option on the line

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