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Play treasure hunter but did you want

From 00:00 UTC April 2 to April 7 23:59 UTC, you can have a second chance at the prize you receive any treasure hunter, the cost of 10 ice heart.

Play careful, once you decide to take a second chance, you will not get the original award, but you will not receive any kind of frozen locks again the most important thing is that you never get the same award twice! - Chest total will provide you with different items, it can be anything that you can upgrade project a rare purple white.

Please note that you can only award once again rolling. Ensure that everyone has the ability to give them a prize retry, we will give each player 120 free ice hearts we also brought some older holiday-related goods -! Balanced coin, magic and magic rabbit eggs, increasing a chance to win Prayer-XP-boosting first time.

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