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Players and the players fighting

The player starts in a secluded place, where they passed a course, a set of paths, they learn basic shooting skills RuneScape.After tutorial, players have access to mentors and advisers, in town, they discover, who can give players their own skills, appropriate information.

The fight was scored by the constraints of the system life. Every battle has a life point of maximum capacity, and died, when their health is exhausted 0 lost life points by consuming certain foods or drinks, or casting ability to recover.

Players who die in their choice to reproduce and restore their lives and skill points spawn point; however, they choose to delete all but three of the project, as well as some common items.Dying produce a tombstone, will hold all players the project will last for a specified period of time; however, there are all items which will be lost in case of death. If the player does not promptly returned, serious crashes, their projects will disappear.

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Not the player interaction
Runescape Fighting
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