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Players can join a God camp by God Emissaries

The game has many gods, players can join a camp of God by God Emissaries.

In addition to the most powerful ancient god (Elder Gods) outside, the game is called the three Lord God is the God of nature and balance Guthix, the order of God, Saradomin and the god of chaos Zamorak. There are other gods God's battle of Bandos, the control and the fate of God Zaros, , God's law and justice Armadyl, Elf god Seren, desert Menaphite Pantheon in God, including Tumeken, as well as various gods he created, such as God Amascut god of destruction and fertile Elidinis etc. indigenous people monkey monkey cents (Marimbo), Shades of Mor'ton that soil between the temple of God, God's cabbage Brassica Prime, and Kara Mega Island (Karamja) on the belief of a unique God.

In addition to the gods, there is a special person called The Godless camp, intended to help complete Guxikesi's wishes, that do not allow the existence of God in this world. Guxikesi who kill Sliske is also likely to become the new gods, but there is no conclusive evidence.

Only eight can join the camp, all the people that Sarah, Zamosc Mubarak, Ban's pocket, Zhaluo Si, West cloud, Armagh Lonsdale, atheism and Sly Trask.

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