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Positive points demon factions property analysis

Let me talk first attribute points factions. Upright: L level is plus 1 point defense, 11:00 blood, add a little blood is blood plus 14-15, plus power by 3:00 to be 4/4/3, plus 1 min 5 hit, 2-3 to avoid. Xiepai: Anti-liter one is 1:00 9:00 Blood, add a little blood is 13-14 blood, increases the power by 3:00 to be 3/3/2, plus 1 min 4 hit 2-3 to avoid. Magic School: 1:00 liter as an anti 14:00, add a little blood is 15-16 blood, power by 3:00 to be 6/6/5, plus 1 min 3 of 6 hits avoided.

Well, I attribute points factions said a bit from attribute points is the best, the worst Xiepai magic school, but from the weaponry is the best school of magic Xiepai worst, decent are in the middle, there is the attack speed, evil is the fastest, down is magic.

But I found that I got a evil 8, add 25 power 12 min, the attack was 77, just out to get the weapon (double ax). 8 decency to take the same 99 novice sword attack. Magic send eight newcomers promise to take 133 attacks.

Also, take a different weapon attacks are not the same, magic gun attack a lot higher than the same level of take Xu attack. Evil, too, with a knife than a pair of high Tomahawk lot, you would have the same level of knife and gun attacks and Yue Xu higher than it was, but there is not much higher, but after the equipment go up against a lot worse, n is the same, to take the 13 knives and 13 to take the ax, even if you take the ax and take the knife attack 16 13 almost.

Magic and n are the same, there is the skills, basic skills are the same. 54 different skills in evil is the increase of female attack, is the yin, magic, male property defense, magic attack speed is home, the first change in the PK, and will not look at second, and basically look, who attribute attack or high property anti-high.

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