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Prepare RS Gold For the Coming Event

Dear Runescape players, you must know Lumbridge Crater Beach Party. It is coming soon. So now you need to do some preparations for it. The fastest way is to buy cheap RS Gold to help you.

You need to talk to Reyna to start the event first, and you also can be directly teleported to her by using Event Noticeboards and the Events interface.

Reyna needs you to gather RuneScape Beach Sand for her. And you can spread up to 500 Beach Sand at the crater itself per day, but no capacity on gathering sand in the wider world.

You can claim your rewards by speaking to Reyna or via the Seasonal Events tab. And the rewards include Beach Sand Cape, and a new five-piece sand outfit. In addition, if you hand in 15,000 beach sand in total to Reyna during the event, you can earn a Ring of Sand.

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