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Raptor Challenge for Runescape I

Rippers Magic: Today, most sinister monster November release of the four killers in the world.

The use of deadly melee monsters lurking in an abandoned mine in eastern Al Kharid and can delete lethal level, 85 ripper claw.

They are a high-level Slayer hard target, and may come up in the ongoing challenge Raptor. Remember to bring your daily tasks Raptor - who now Citharede monastery outside - take advantage of the double XP.

Where can I find the Ripper devil? Enter Al Kharid outside the east gate of abandoned mines. Requirements: You must be a member in RuneScape, ripper 96 killers claim damages devil, need 100 combat rescue by the demon slayer master is allocated, a very high combat statistics and your best equipment, highly recommended.

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