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Review to the challenge of social media in MMORS

With Runescape trip, we also hold a series of interesting social media trip Runescape challenge!As may process, there will be a challenge to complete, at the same time you found in your own across the various social media Runescape products range, from our long established Facebook page, to grape the new field of vision.

If your company seven challenges to complete three, can you use a special 'stamps' reward you can put your all kinds of social media is the embodiment of the top, indicating you're a social media Runescape adventurers.Complete all seven, you will get some very special.

On May 11, until Sunday this week - is your challenge: what do you do in the game is great for our special Pinterest board, this will create a screenshot after we received all the entries."Like" on Facebook and we 'sharing' is your favorite position.When you finish each, take a screen shot, and saved to your "scrapbooking" shows us in the end of may.We will ask you to do the same for every challenge, and submit your work at the end of may.We will tell you in a week for the next two challenge!

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