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Rewards and Post

Complete with XP sub-quests award you a wide range of skills. Also gives you zemomarks or some other useful items.
Varrock task has some sweet new rewards, including the addition of new Arrav Varrock zemomarks complete curse, and upgrade tasks Varrock armor sets in each layer.

The second dimension of the disaster is the arena can be copied pursuit. Once you have finished it by completing the five sub-quests and Aris back Varrock speech, you will open a store and select Reset quest. Remember, you will keep your hard-earned new items Varrock, even across tasks reset.

Note that you will only get XP and the pursuit of points you in the first run. All other awards are given every time.
Reward shops only accept coins. You'll get some of them to complete the first dimension of the disaster, and every repetition.
First award provides is Darklight upgrades increase the damage, accuracy, and special attack bonus against demons. If you open a faster kill Buffy blow passive point, Darklight will also serve as the rock hammer.

There are also related to the pursuit of cosmetic coverage - some of which function as a useful camouflage future playthroughs. There is also a little head shake Zemouregal pets, passive can accelerate throughout the next quest, and weekly XP lights (can be improved with the new Varrock tasks).

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