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Rite of Passage in Runescape

You must have heared Rite of Passage. Yes, it has been put forward for a long time. But it doesn't appear until now. So you have something to say? Now you may have the chance. Jagex will take the Big RuneScape Survey 2018 immediately.

We mmors will give you a brief introduction. If you want to buy cheap RS Gold, will be a good choice for you. Besides collecting the suggestions about what should be polled, Jagex is doing a survey for what's really important to the players and let the players get involved in the decision of their focus of 2018.

Rite of Passage is know as the Armadyl Homeworld Quest or the Aviansie Quest, which was designed by Mod Raven previously. In the quest you can experience a new elder artefact, a huge procedurally generated world, new allies as well as increase immense amounts of lore on the aviansie and Armadyl.

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