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Rivers and lakes of the equipment system

Equipment is to increase the role of attack and defense, on the other, it seems that people are concerned, but not enough, but it would have been complaining about foreign relations and equipment ugly. And "Runescape" The equipment exterior design tailor fashion model manuscript, inviting well-known fashion designers participate to "tailored" shape each one equipped to ensure common equipment also has a fashion effect.

But the appearance of the equipment has also been influential role level and quality, the more rare equipment, whether property or appearance very Guards oh.

For example, produces only one week of Takeru cloak the only way output is resorting to violence of the General Assembly, only resorting to violence of the General Assembly this week, the king did deserve to have it, then dressed only increase the basis of property, there will be a special bonus, of course, more Guards are a symbol of the appearance and identity pull the wind.

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