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Rivers and lakes the most severe boss

Once again to breach of contract, the owner of the soldiers! Enter the battlefield of God 2 battle a tough new boss, a unique reward system, where you risk the more, the more rich plunder!

Read on to Buy RS Gold discover in Solomon's magic shop monster weapon, the maximum ultimate carnage won some awesome prizes the amazing competition (including 6 months membership package), and the commonly used patch flow of information and other news of the day.

New boss - purpose Originally, gielinor playing in the life of the mind is not a good idea at all. Telles has regained consciousness. The new boss is a threat to the entire planet of life as a valuable animal resource.

With him in a new multi stage battle, the greater your risk, the greater your reward.

Some of the highest levels of equipment that can be earned include:

Three tier 92 weapon has a unique attack godbow, staff sliske and look forward to the long godsword Zaros.

Revenge -- a zamorak theme, is provided to all combat style and requirements 85 of the constitution is it if you do not want to use it. This is a threshold value, which can cause you to Buy Runescape Gold store any damage that you need in the next 6 seconds. You will still receive the injury, but will handle it directly back to your target!


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