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Run runescape with webpage

In 2008, according to the iResearch Ai Rui talking to company launched data show, "World of Warcraft" is still the greatest champion in the international industry, the business of 62.3%, be way before other activities. Although the "World of Warcraft" apparent advantages, however, rated second in the "RunesCape" has captured individuals attention, the China name called "rivers and lakes" of the Web site activity in 6.9% business second only to "World of Warcraft".

The writer after coming into the experience, find, RS Gold from the household "mumbo-jumbo tale" and other activities, the need for sources downloadable into the experience before. Now, with the APPLET JAVA program published in fact has been downloadable to the customer hard drive, only with web JAVA language has been commonly approved, now the internet explorer support JAVA APPLET. Therefore the customer can run the "RunesCape" in the Webpage!

The writer is not fine to play "RunesCape", however, has reported JAVA techniques in the experience program of the highly effective, and the Web site activities for the long run is officially small end activities later on, started to have great dream. Especially household Web site activity designers, believe that use of new technology will bring changes in turn the globe benefit down. The gamer, with Web site activities is becoming more and more well-known, Web site activity of the 3D era, perhaps will come soon. And this time, perhaps Web site activity really well-known gamer approved age!

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