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Rune Goldberg Machine Guide

Rune Goldberg Machine is a members-only daily Distraction and Diversion in RuneScape. In this Distraction and Diversion, players can turn runes into vis wax, which can be used to improve a number of items. Mmors which is a professional RuneScape Gold selling site will give you simple guide of it.

Rune Goldberg Machine accepts three different rune types every time and each rune has a different value which changes daily. These values accept any rune, but except Armadyl runes. Players can insert runes into the machine to see their value, and the total of value of the runes affects vis wax's amount. The three slots have best runes, which change daily. Top slot accounts for up to 30% of the total wax. Middle Slot accounts for up to 30% of the total wax. Bottom slot accounts for 40% of the total wax.

Players can have most 100 tries to find the best combination with each try counting as filling all three slots. But each additional try will add 0.5% runes to the base amount that will be combined into wax. After players find the correct combination, clicking combine to consume and combine the required number of runes into Vis Wax.

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