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RuneScape 3 Successful initially month

Jagex, the developer behind the popular free-to-play Adventure MMORPG within the planet Guinness record 3 game RuneScape, now publish extensive statistics regarding the game and its hugely prosperous launch. After the launch of RuneScape three, players flocked to create inside the game, which allowed them a gaming experience and game world, according to your wishes. Inside the past 30 days, more than 300,000 new players have began their RuneScape Adventure and more than one hundred,000 former players have reactivated your account. General, all players have spent an typical of 600,000 hours on the day of your game. In other words, each day you'll find around 68 years of playing time together.

RuneScape 3 was 22 July started together with the Battle of Lumbridge, an event that continues for about two months and on the conflict between two with the gods, that have returned to RuneScpae, concentrated. The players show their allegiance to these gods by collecting divine tears. Because the beginning from the Battle Divine Tears have been collected more than a billion and over 60 million enemy warriors killed by the players.

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