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RuneScape 3 Top rated Trumps

Card games are awesome! Folks of all ages can sit down and appreciate an excellent card game with each other, and few are as common and well-known as Top Trumps. As fantastic as Leading Trumps are, even though, they've always had a substantial lack of Gielinor...until now!

In partnership with Winning Moves, we're launching the first RuneScape Leading Trumps card pack, themed around the 'Monsters of RuneScape'. On the other hand, with so many fantastic characters to choose from, we're going to need your support to establish who will seem in our Prime Trumps card decks. 15 character cards have already been chosen by the RuneScape Group and can unquestionably feature within the pack, however the remaining 15 spots will be down to your vote.

More than 30 monsters will battle it out in a members' poll every day for the following 15 days. The winners will make it into our Leading Trumps deck, while the losers is going to be left to simmer within a pool of jealousy.

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