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RuneScape 3 is a large web game

RuneScape 3 is a use of HTML5 and Web GL structure, browser-based running MMORPG, supports client and Web client such as double-ended version. Users need to install JAVA controls, directly or chrome game. And its predecessor, except the display significantly improved, more complete interface customization features, players can also have a more intelligent perspective, once people have are playing MMO illusion. It is reported that the future will also join the weather and diurnal variation functions.


Games are currently the UK, USA, Canada and other hundreds of servers, belonging to two types of free and paid members. Free server which is open to everyone, while paying members only members can login the server. To balance, members exclusive equipment and skills in the general server will fail. Players landing game will be randomly assigned to the nearest server, and all servers are Unicom with the.


The game is set in a medieval fantasy world, players with medieval weapons and magic to fight the dragon and the magician. The game uses the keyboard and mouse control. User interface can be customized, players can create their own favorite custom UI. And its predecessor, RuneScape 3 also increased the list, you see see their weekly and monthly rankings.


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Three tips to earn money for Runescape
Further development of the combat system is going well
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