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RuneScape 3 on the line after Warcraft Webpage Game

Jagex is the UK's largest independent game developers, only earned in profits this year ups to $50000000 rs 3 gold, the total number of employees also exceeded 550, and will go on to expand. The success of Jagex is derived from its 2001 launch of the works RuneScape, although the picture is simple, but with its excellent system architecture in Europe and the United States captured a lot of game player. Jagex pushed in March 29, 2004 second edition, and the old version named as "Runescape Classic". The game was in 2008 August by Guinness world records as the game player number of free MMORPG, then its market share after World of Warcraft.

RuneScape 3 is a use of HTML5 and Web GL, browser depended on 3D MMORPG, support for the client and Webpage end double end version. The user needs to install the JAVA control, or use chrome to enter game. Compared to the first one, except the picture is obviously improved, interface customization function is more perfect, player has more intelligence views, once people have is to play in the large network swims the illusion. It is reported the future will also join the weather and diurnal variation function.

In addition to ordinary game player can accept 20 tasks, but the member can complete the task more than 160. Each task has a relatively independent plot. Completion of all tasks will receive a "Quest Point Cape" exclusive cloak. The new task will be regularly published. There are 40 kinds of mini adventure game,while more than half are open only to members. Members have more map for 3 times , to the construction of housing, cancel the page advertising and other functions.According to the IOS version is being developed, is expected to be listed in the fall. The future of the series also plans to land on the smart tv.

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