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RuneScape Classic Players Combatants Gathering Resources

  Fishing (Fishing RS Gold online): designated shore fishing, fish (including shrimp, lobster, shark, etc.) can be cooking food for the complement of the value of life.

  Mining (Mining): ( Cheap RS Gold) different ore dug from a particular mine, need to use Gao (Pickaxe). There are many types of ore, tin ore (Tin ore), iron ore (Iron ore), gold mine (Gold ore), etc..

  The logging (Woodcutting): the game world there are a large number of trees, to use an ax (axe) felled trees will regrow after a certain period of time. The wood is mainly used to make a fire, build houses or made arrows.

  Agriculture (Farming): players can in the specified cropping, planting out can be used as food or herbs.

  Theft (Thieving): theft, trading stalls or automatic players (NPC) who steal property. Can also Picklock.


  Culinary Arts (Cooking, also translated as "cooking"): This is the food making skills. The higher the skill can cook more advanced food, ( RS Gold)or reducing the chance of scorching. Foods such as meat, vegetables, drinks.

  Arts and crafts (Crafting): including sewing, cutting, and made Diamond, glassware, and so on.

Tasks a Series of Tasks in Runescape in You Have to Finish
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