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RuneScape Launch Plan B

A number of RS Goldplayers have pointed out a potential problem with our original plan of duplicating everyone’s save-games to both RS1 and RS2.The problem is this idea effectively duplicates all the items in the game, and gives people a whole extra set of items. Say someone decides to keep playing RS2, and knows they are never going to play RS1 again, then that Cheap RS Gold player then has a whole set of items in RS1 they don't want or need. They are likely to try to sell these 'spare' items or try to swap them for RS2 items, or just give them away. All these extra items being disposed of will cause complete havoc with the RuneScape economy!


Another problem is that by having a cut-off point after which the account is copied, many players feel they have a 'time-limit' in which to gain as much as possible before the copy, and that after the copy it will be twice as hard to advance in both games at once as it was before it. This is clearly also a problem to Buy RS Gold.

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