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RuneScape Monster Need for the Top Five Non Members Leveling Up Part 1

  Giant sipder! (Under Gunnar's ground to make RS Gold)

  It is said that only 10 giant spiders (Giant sipder) level, how could be used to leveling it? Attention! This is only the SS (Cannes land underground before the barbarian village underground) have special giant spider. This giant spider for non-members and members who are leveling Need Member has Sarah Tomin Excalibur (Saradomin God sword),(Cheap RS Gold) then do not bring food can easily leveling. Far as I know, it is only the highest hit you 70 drops of blood, In other words, when your blood is maintained at 300-400 when you can guarantee not easily die. And if a member, wearing a dragon mounted plus on 65 defense level, it basically will not hurt you. Non-members have about 70 defense to wear a full rune he basically it can not hurt you, (Buy RS Gold) 50 so the defense can also be a good anti-live it. In short, the level of 55 or more can take it leveling!

  Monster file:

  English name: Giant sipder

  Chinese name: giant spiders

  CB lvl: 50

  The distribution: Cannes land underground

  Recommended reason: the requirements of low-level, F2P, P2P are applicable to Runescape Gold leveling fast!

RuneScape Monster Need for the Top Five Non Members Leveling Up Part 2
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