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RuneScape classic fifteenth anniversary celebration

Back to the classic fifteenth anniversary celebration of the RuneScape

Windows RuneScape classic has re opened today as part of the celebration of the fifteenth anniversary. If you haven't experienced it, this is a chance for mmors some of the world's rivers and lakes.

Once registered, download the client and create a character, the RuneScape classic will be the time for you to play - not just for the duration of the fifteenth anniversary celebration.

How and where do I sign up?

RuneScape classic availability is limited by current RuneScape members. If you are a member, want to use the open window, in the official page, log in to your current account from January 11 to 11 noon UTC 12:00 in UTC 12:00.

Once your character, you will have the chance to get the RuneScape classic whenever you want to Buy RS Gold play it.

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