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RuneScape has a high visibility

In January 4, 2011, the old people online Cosplay Webpage game "RuneScape" celebrated its tenth birthday, game development team. The Community Management experienced ten years sharpen the game launched a series of celebrations for the game player, able to obtain many special rewards in the game. Game development team also encourage game player held a variety of line of the party, if the game player party enough, they will also prepare a mysterious gift more!

"Runescape Gold" is a release in 1999 of massively multiplayer online Webpage game, ten years of wind and rain proof of its quality of the game and the audience, it is no exaggeration to say, the game after game Webpage birth, development and growth has been rising.

"RuneScape" in the country has a high visibility, online discussion the Raiders, characteristics of the Post Bar forum not in the minority, Baidu Encyclopedia has be included. As a true 3D game, although there is no Chinese version, but the domestic part of the game player with great attention. "RuneScape" is worth of domestic manufacturers think for ten years, as a game of a Webpage, how to obtain even as world of Warcraft and other large game favored. Believe that the answer to the question, not only in terms of technology.

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