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RuneScape is unique

RuneScape and we are now popular domestic web games, what is different from the others? Is not it curious what it has to offer? Let's take a look.

First, it has a unique user thoughtful design. Do not underestimate this point, in fact, many times, in order to highlight the details of the game designer intimate, allowing the player more viscous. Its interface character design may not be all good, but it's 3D design is very good, by the up and down arrow keys to control, are interested can try, the feeling is very similar with the World of Warcraft. Background music is always praised by players, but it's a map instantly displays let you mistakenly think you are playing online games, and not just a game page.

Second, it is to develop, leveling, comprehensive magic system. It is the theme of the ancient medieval times, in addition to fighting and ranged mainly used, there is also magic and prayer. Runescape players rely mainly on fighting, others for assistance. Runescape addition to the fighting, there are also other skills, mainly used to manufacture objects, for example smithing (mainly used to manufacture metal products), crafting (manufacturing clothes, things made of clay, jewelry, etc., in the paid version has more members in this regard things), mining (mining and smithing closely related), cooking (cooking, used to make food, the higher the grade, the more types of food can be made).

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