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RuneScape novice task Raiders IV

And after talking magician, your control interface will be able to use magic. The need to use magic magic scrolls, they are divided into: 10 kinds of mind, air, water, earth, fire and so on. Each reel magic needs are different, you have a record book of magic. Many magic scrolls used together to a few, but to the level required by the magician. Now of course you are a magic. All skills are a start.

Lay down all weapons in your hands, open magic book, see the magic: Magic (wind strike) has to be used. Note the use of magic, you can not hold the bow hand, otherwise it will default to attack with bows and arrows. Empty-handed sword or magic can be made. After you have a magic wand and other magician special weapons, including The Wind Waker, water rod, fire, soil of the stick, they can buy in the store. When you equip them, you do not have to carry this series of magic scrolls can use magic.

But each can only be equipped with a magic wand in hand, the other must carry a magic scrolls, but also carry the spirit of the reel, in front of more than 10 levels need to use magic. After using magic to kill the chicken inside the cage, and the magician talk again, you'll be able to enter the formal game.

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