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RuneScape players to play against and death consequences Introduction

Players Battle Description: In a two-player battle, the game company set up a PVP world (ie PVP server), except for some designated place outside, in the world that can take your battle with other players. There are also some of the world with other players in the wilderness.

In addition to the specified server, the server can be in other desert duel field, Clan Wars like to play against the other players.

Introduction of Death:

Players in the game will be lost after the death of part of the article, then the player can graves to retrieve the missing items, but the graves will be broken, so hurry. If you did not get back before the tomb broken items, items will never be regained. After completing the task can not rest the ghost, you can go to the church to upgrade Lumbrige grave. Prices are as follows:

A wooden grave: free.

2 Wood sepulcher: 50 money.

Tombstone: 500 money.

Luxury tombstone: 5000 money.

The more expensive the longer the grave to save. In addition, in some places, such as desert duel field or Clan Wars and other places, there are no missing items after the death of model, in this mode of death is not lost items.Wanna see more details? Maybe you should look at our website

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