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Runecrafting and Summoner is rift

This week, the treasure hunter is helping you another sinister plot sliske foil. This event and promotions will be from April 7th to April 11th 23:59 Monday. Read the details, brave adventurer!

This event and promotion of RS Gold the game is free, the corners of the members, and the iron man.

What happened?Sliske plot again - he manipulated Janus, a former ZMI mage, trying to weaken the world between the shadow boundary barrier. Large and small cracks ripped off the land.

They earn close runecrafting or call XP, and reputation for cosmetics in the wings. Small cracks offers more than a XP but it is difficult to find. The two differences are given the same name. Note - the free play of the players can only accept runecrafting XP.

How can I close the gap?You'll find a daily amount of fatigue cracks in gielinor allows you to close your. You can check you in the rift valley but remember how many fatigue, once running when you leave, you can no longer close the rift, the rest of the day. However, the treasure hunter offers a chance to score even.

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