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Runefest reveals that the tickets are still available

In a happy way runefest, there are four reasons why you must make sure your ticket is in September 17th:

Discuss the next RS skill - which is right and we will ask you what you want from the future of Buy RS Gold the arena skills. Come to the discussion.

You love the most in a day of the ribbon and Q & A.

An hour to reveal next year's content - 2017 is a heck of a year, thank you for your contribution in the 2017 survey, we are now in a position to share our plans with you.

Catch is still the best part of this year, including the 2 chapter of the arc and the 2 MODS of the gods love the old good said fate, we can not wait to talk to you about 2016 including the future of the eastern part of the land beyond the rest of the steps!

There are tickets for the event in Battersea's evolution in London on Saturday, September 17th. Check out more information on airline tickets.

There was a night before the party. See more information on the night before, or get your hands on a combination of tickets, including all the major events of Buy Runescape Gold the visit.

Daily treasure map award
Treasure hunter to build a beach
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