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Runescape 3 Fixed The New Interface Program

Although Runescape three unfortunately had to delay the launch on the new Members Loyalty Programme and Solomon's Common Store update, Runescape 3 nonetheless have some new content material for players to get your teeth into.

Runescape 3 is continuing using the improvements for the New Interface Method from players feedback as well as a number of those are now live along with several bug fixes.

An option to allow click by means of chat boxes
Access towards the function keys (F1 to F8) for custom keybinds
Reintroduction and slight revamp from the old split private chat system
Far more compact interface layouts because of:
Enhanced spacing in list style interfaces
Decreased border sizes
More border transparency solutions
These improvements are ongoing and players feedback is incredibly valuable to Runescape 3 in assisting shape the path on the New Interface Method.

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Runescape 3 Display Mode Changes
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