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Runescape 3 God Rankings

Just after seeing plenty of speak on these forums about which god is finest and why, I decided that I should really give it a go and compile all of why every god has an advantage or disadvantage over other people when it comes to variety of followers, strength of NPC followers, influence, and every single god's individual power.

1. Zaros- He's at the moment one of the most strong god in existence, only needing a host physique to come to be tier two. He has about half the Mahjarrat on his side, including Azzanadra who's by far the most effective on his personal and Sliske, who's in possession in the employees of Armadyl and is hence in a position to slay a god. Zaros also has Nex on his side, who as all of us know is feared by the gods themselves, alongside Char who's really adept at fire magic. While not obtaining any significant settlements it will be very uncomplicated for him to take more than a city with only a handful of followers.

2. Saradomin- Saradomin is second just for the reason that he features a massive quantity of followers and most settlements are controlled by Saradominists. He also has handle in the Crown Archival, allowing him to find the Stone of Jas as well as other elder artifacts. The wand of resurrection can also be in his possession, permitting him to bring back previously extinct races to fight for him. Despite the fact that he's equal in energy with Zamorak at the moment, when he wins the BOL he will most likely surpass him.

3. Zamorak- Zamorak is an exceptionally effective getting and is at present by far the most strategic god, enabling him to execute his plans with precision. The issue is the majority of his followers are stuck behind the River Salve and he has no settlements west of Morytania. I think his NPC followers will be the second most highly effective out of all of the gods as a result of the strength from the demons and the reality that vampyres can only be harmed with Blisterwood weapons. All he desires is a single god to ally with him and he will grow to be an incredibly high threat to all other factions.


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