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Runescape 3 Weekly Soulwars Occasion

After Several Weeks Of Finding Soulwars Abandoned And Left To Die The Soul Empire Clan Immediately after Substantially Deliberation & Contemplation Are Proud to Present Weekly Soulwars Occasion Perhaps Even More than Once A Week If We Get a Positive Response from the Community!

The Occasion Is Being Opened to The Runescape Public So All Can Come Along and Enjoy Soulwars & Gain Xp / Charms / Pets & Other Rewards From this Great Minigame. We Also Have Come to The Conclusion Soulwars Would Be More Successfull Running in World 2 Rather than Previous Soulwar Worlds Such As
World 44 & World 79. Due to the Fact World 2 Is Allways Populated 500+ Players & 1000+ During The Buisy Period.

Soulwars Occasion Will Be Held Every Saturday Morning @ 4am - 6am ( EST +10.00 ) AUS Time. To Convert This Into Your Time Zone Google: " Time Zone Converter " .

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