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Runescape 3 is a 2D game


2D is a two-dimensional interactive animation.Which is what we usually refer to 2D animation but in game terms,this animation can be carried out according to the needs of users to interact.

The basic characteristics of two-dimensional interactive animation follows:
Traditional 2D game art assets characters walk,character status,maps,etc..are in png or jpg graphic file rendering made ​​while the 3D game art is the model most resource-based.

2D game there is no way to complete the conversion perspective because 2D game art assets is a plan view,ie some art resources front,rear,left and right can not also appear in the game,but the game is to be completed 3D perspective transformation.

2D game art resources can all without rendering engine to use,but any 3D game art assets will be subject to the rendering engine to use.

Also Runescape 3 is a 2D game,but it is very popular,and many gamers want to get more RS Gold(RS 3 Gold).

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