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Runescape Achievement Diary of Runescape Items

The Achievement Diary namely Achievement Diary of Cheap RS Gold, updated instead Tasks System that know where the task at the specified place, but life skills level requirements, so more cases leveling time will exceed the time of the diary. Achievement diary will not be given the task points, but will get some other reward. Non-members RS Gold is only Lumbridge achievement diary while, Member more.

Lumbridge: Exploer's ring, from the novice to the difficult reward 1-4 grade ring.Varrock: Varrock Armour, from the simple to the elite rewards 1-4 grade armor. Ardongne: Ardougne cloak, cloak from the simple to the elite reward 1-4 grade. Falador: Falador Shield, from the simple to RS Gold the elite reward 1-4 grade shield. Fremennik: Fremennik Sea Boots, boots from the simple to the elite reward 1-4 grade. Karamja: Karamja gloves, from the simple to the elite reward 1-4 grade gloves. Seers'Village: Seer's Headband, from the simple to the level of the elite reward 1-4 tie headband.Most of these incentives is not in its properties, but that they are the special features. The function by players such as vegetable plot Exploer's ring transmission, increase the running physical alchemy favorite. After the completion of all Tasks be will reward a named Taskmaster action to Buy RS Gold.

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