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Runescape Approve RS Gold is Your Best Arm

This week also sees the Cheap RS Gold rework of the female body changes. We have listened to your comments and tried to reach a compromise we think all parties will be happy with. We hope you approve.


We have also redesigned the dueling options of RS Gold screen. This should help make very clear what you will or won't allow in your duels. More detailed information can be found within the combat section of the manual.


Cannonballs have also been given a "make-x" option, and the XP rates per cannonball have been changed as they are now much more convenient to make. Tiara moulds have been redesigned with a more lightweight material, with the result that they now weigh 1kg instead of the previous 20kg. Finally, the rune rewards at the end of the barrows have been returned to Buy RS Gold normal after a miscalculation in the rewards last week.


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Runescape Rogues Den and Tweaks in MMORS
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