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Runescape Available Method to Make More RS Gold

Like the Runescape Agility Pyramid, the Ape Atoll Course of Cheap RS Gold is available much earlier than the level you should start using it, at level 48. This course has an amazingly high rate of fail before level 70. Each lap gives 580 experiences to make RS Gold, and if you happen to fail, you can use the pineapple plant near the course to get some food. To do this, however, you must remember to always bring a knife. To use this course, you must have an Archer or Ninja Monkey George. After level 75, you will no longer fail in this course.

At Runescape level 85, a new addition to the Gnome Course is unlocked: the Advanced Course. To start the course, you must climb a RS Gold new tree branch before the tight rope. This course gives a pretty high 745 experience per lap. You may fail a little bit on the first levels here, but don't worry! It's still great experience. There's also a special reward for those that complete 250 laps without falling a single obstacle in this course: the Agile Legs! These legs lower your weight by 10kg when worn, which can greatly help training your Agility!

Runescape Barbarian Advanced Barbarian Course
Runescape Rewarded in Cheap RS Gold in MMORS
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