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Runescape Dungeon Lane and Different Places in the Wild There are Two Points

  Last kill. Dungeon Lane and different places in the wild there are two points, the first point is you they will not be frozen, which is known to not have to explain. The second point is fixed terrain, Cheap RS Gold if the use of the good, then will kill much simpler than in the wild, and if the use is not good then you will shun seconds. First full physical before entering the rev region, after the brigade rushed to the inside. We need to find some of the "L" shaped wall, so there are places to hide. For example, in the top of the innermost demon there. Rev goblin there, you will not only attracted the goblin attacks, while also attracted over 80 levels cyclops attacks.

      This rev demon became the best candidates. Rushed inside to try to avoid the rev dark beast, what can you caused more than 200 injuries. Directly rushed to the L-shaped area of ​​the innermost and hiding, after the players go to kill the level of the second highest, after the other to go after another attack. When you hit them and they do not fight back to prove their blood. Want to open their own career best Prayer speed kill them speed kill is successful then you can pick up the spoils of the speed kill fails, then they will be blood successfully Prayer To turn off so as to preserve points to RS Gold. Finally, they also should keep few enough points Protect items so that if he died then also you can keep an item. Sure to be optimistic and then click attack or accidentally hit the companions of the head have a skull logo, all items will be lost in case of death in this case.

  If you want to escape is almost no escape, because rev magic range far, then we should use Protect items, can reduce losses to Buy RS Gold.

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