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Runescape Farming Care You RS Gold Level

The RS Gold Farming skill allows you to grow a wide range of resources from seed to harvest, for use in the Cooking, Herblore and Crafting skills, as well as simply growing your own food. The skill centers on a new addition to the world of RuneScape - the Farming patch. There are a number of different types of patch - vegetable, tree and herb patches being some of these - and are located right across the world map of RS Gold, indicated by a new spade icon. You may find that the patches are rather overgrown with weeds to start with, so keep your rake handy.


You will only see the crops you have grown yourself in the farming patches. You won't see other peoples to Buy RS Gold. Otherwise the farming patches would always be full of other people's crops and you wouldn't be able to grow anything.


There are four main areas where you can get started: near Falador, Catherby, Ardougne and Port Plasmatic. There are Farming shops close by each of these areas, which stock all the tools that you will need to start cultivating your crops. If the shops run out of stock there are gardeners near these patches that you can buy some of the tools from. The gardeners are also more than pleased to give out Farming advice, being experts in their field to make Cheap RS Gold.

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