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Runescape Gravestones Improvements Tampa in MMORS

Another Cheap RS Gold update this month inspired by player feedback is an update to the gravestones in the game, or - more specifically - the way in which you interact with gravestones after an unfortunate encounter with death. We’ve created an interface to hold your items rather than drop them all to the floor, meaning it’s far easier to pick and choose what you wish to take, rather than picking from a list of items. We’ve also added a “take all” and a “re-equip all” button, which should help you get back to the action after reaching the site of your untimely demise in RS Gold. Of course, Death himself wanted a “reap-all” button, but we decided against that.


Perhaps the largest update this month, and certainly something that every player will use on a daily basis, is a complete overhaul to the interfaces and systems used when making items. It takes all the information about item production - experience, value, Grand Exchange and Alchemy prices, and skill and item requirements - and presents them in one place. This means you won’t have to frantically check through skill guides or websites just to work out how to train those precious skills. It also includes some brand new features (as well as maintaining the older ones) like being able to clean inventory-loads of herbs to Buy RS Gold.


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