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Runescape Halloween event started last week

Broken Home's not for the faint of heart, but it is a new type of experience, we hope you'll like it.

The ninja team created Guthixian Caches: a new divination D and D, to keep your training and pure and fresh. Had originally planned in the first week of November, they fight for the extra effort to give it to you a week in advance - bang on time for Double XP weekend!
When Guthixian Cache is announced on the chat box and jumped into a wisp of pit excavation Guthixian memories lost archive.

Once inside, you can collect memories and thrown into the instability of the crater in the center of the cache. Although the need for large and medium-sized memories divination level 45 and 85, respectively - there are three types, each made you more points.
Each cache by Guthixian automatic machine, which can cause you to give up you carry any secure memory.

Guthix by activating Cres statue, you can take time ancient guardians and disable automatic machines, also earn points. Again, to stop more powerful automatic machines need level 45 or 85 divination.

When you are in storage or disable automatic machines, you will get cost and activate the temporary increase of D and D. These measures include double earn points, automata, immunity or disable all automata in the region.

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It is Clan Cup Final Live Stream
It was the first time repetitive tasks in RuneScape
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