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Runescape Herald Capes in Snazzy Garments

Free Runescape players and members can now obtain a herald cape from the heralds of RS Gold Flavor, Lumbridge and Varrock. These snazzy garments are not only completely free, but have a huge range of customization options that will make your cape unique to you to Buy RS Gold.

The number of customisation options is determined by how many tasks and quests you’ve done in the area. If you want to unlock five customization tiers for the Lumbridge herald cape in RS Gold, you’ll need to complete most of the tasks for Lumbridge and a few low-level quests that are in the area. Even if you do not have all tiers unlocked, you’ll still have options to change the many colours of your cape and the tier pattern of its background; however, only the best players have access to the stylish range of Cheap RS Gold cape crests.

Choose a city to show your allegiance; wear a cape in its related city and you may find that you’re greeted with more enthusiasm than before! If you want to Buy RS Gold, just click here!

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