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Runescape Hoisting to Manage the Port about Cheap RS Gold

I first mentioned the idea of RS Gold Player-Owned Ports at Runefest last year, and it’s something we’ve been working hard on ever since. This month, after months of plank-walking, kraken-dodging and sail-hoisting, it’ll be ready! That it be! Runescape Player-Owned Ports is a massive minigame where you can build and manage the port about Cheap RS Gold, your ships and your crewmen - ships, sailors, captains and adventurers - and explore the realm of the Eastern Lands!

Building the port itself is a simple matter of creating and upgrading buildings by using the resources your pirates traders bring back from their exotic adventures. The better your port of RS Gold, the better the shipmates you attract to your fleet. The strategy lies in equipping and preparing your ships for any eventuality, finding the right crew for the job and choosing the right voyages to undertake. And there are HUNDREDS of voyages that occur in real-time, meaning you can go back to the surface world and go about your normal business while your crew do all the hard work to Buy RS Gold.

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