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Runescape Hunting Skill Made Your RS Account Safe

To start your RS Gold hunting, head to Yanille, and buy some bird snares and box traps (bank the box traps for future use). Inventory: 1 knife, 1 hatchet (any kind), 5-10 bird snares. First, head down south to the Jungle Hunting Area, and on the east coast there should be some red birds, Crimson Swifts; set up your first bird snare around them, be sure to take a few steps away

first though! A bird may land on your trap. If it does it will either get caught or set off your trap but escape in Cheap RS Gold. You must successfully catch 29 Crimson Swifts for RS power leveling from 1-19. You can set up 2 traps now. And now go west from where you hunt crimson swifts, and not far away, you will find some big green birds called Tropical Wagtail. You can catch them when you are level 9, but we suggest do it when you are RS Gold level 20+. Stick to hunting Tropical Wagtail until you are level 33. When you reach level 33, you can do deadfall traps. Just between the crimson swifts and Tropocal Wagtails you will find some small grey thing running here and there.

Cut down the surrounding trees (regular ones) and use those logs to make deadfall traps (each trap uses 1 log), you will get 168 exp when you catch a spiked kibitz. Go to the western portion of the Piscatoris Hunting Area, you should use the falconry for this whole block of levels, it may seem like a lot, but once you hit 57 hunting you can catch dark kebbits, so it'll make life easier (there's less crowd and they give 132 experience). At level 43 hunting you can hunt spotted Kebbits. In order to get a falcon, talk to Matthias (who is inside the fenced area with the falconry kebbits). Note: you must not have any weapons, shields or gloves on and you must have at least 500gp in your inventory. He will then give you a large leather glove and a falcon to Buy RS Gold(you cannot leave with these).

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