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Runescape Kill the Thing of the Past by RS Rev Hunting

  First talk about the rev seat of a place called Forinthry Dungeon in the wild Dark Warriors' Fortress at the top right, a new dungeon. The proposed non-members in a hole from the green dragon go there for non-members do not have anything, all the way up from the green dragon rev where you can reach the location. Recommendations for each marker seeds in a market plant goes a direction to the direction of their own to go, such as side the stragglers or break the players to keep up with the big teams.

  (This would like to thank akiraverson teach my guiding method!)

  Added equipment. Since the the rev main attack for magic and bows and arrows (melee rarely used), all our shooter armor. ranged skills to reach 40 friends can adopt the full green d (coiflet - like 100), but not 40 archery friends suggested studded equipment (20 archery then recommended first archery practice to 20), as well as leather golves, boots. Shield to use adamant sq shield, so diminished the magic defense increase melee defense as well as archery defense.( cheap RS gold) If the weapon is nearly soldiers then rune weapons, the best rune battleaxe or rune longsword, so speed and attack power are relatively modest, but also over the shield. The shooter can use the most advanced weapons. The magician is recommended the use of a second job, because if magic installed, then if he died a terrible thing. Necklace use amulet of defense, rings the exploer's ring3, if not without. Cloak casually on the line, anyway, plus a slash defense point (skillcape willing to use). This will bring a bag of swordfish (captain necessary with marker seeds addition to leave three empty place to put the trophy).

  Went on to say the things to be done on the road. Select at least the non-high-risk servers in the wild, almost no one, if you encounter a need not worry too much about the play-off to kill, beat and ran. To queue up on the road, and stronger in the front of the weakest in the most middle, the second strongest in the end, if the person is more than three other looked row. From the chaos temple next into the wild at the top of the map on set marker, so that you will not get lost. From Green Dragon after entering the Dungeon been going up to.

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