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Runescape Legends will soon be for sale

Chronicle:Runescape Legends is a web game in the series Runescape as the background of the card new works. Players will be magic in the book for the game, to create their own avatar dolls, using a variety of magic against the enemy. Runescape in the classic task will appear in the game. In addition, players can also challenge other players to win the gold award. Multiplayer, you want to win, you need to beat all of his teammates.

Chronicle:Runescape Legends has delicate style of 3D scenes and characters to build, do not lose the battle screen large MMORPG game, its chief producer James Sweatman said that we intend to give players a surprise, not only to ensure the game Tell the players to bring interesting content, but also to experience the web game "Runescape" the elements.

Chronicle:Runescape Legends From the beginning of the production date, production is currently in the final stages, is expected to be landed iOS, Android, PC and Mac and other platforms in 2015, at the Blizzard card game "Hearthstone legend" Pioneering Herald next, what will have the backing of such a new travel card market performance, let us wait and see.

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