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Runescape Let Them Eat Pie in MMORS

  Rolo the Stout of RS Gold is an unscrupulous merchant who is taking advantage of the plight of Taverley’s inhabitants to turn a quick profit, and whose one weakness is a finely crafted short crust. Grit your teeth in Cheap RS Gold, hold your nose and belay your culinary sensibilities to wreak vengeance upon this rotund racketeer’s digestive system.

  Wolf Whistle, Druidic Ritual and Death Plateau have each been extensively re-written, to bring them in line to RS Gold. with the quality and storyline of the rest of the area. If you’ve completed these quests before, you’ll still be able to play the new versions and will receive the rewards at the end, although you won’t receive any additional quest points. Wolf Whistle and Druidic Ritual are no longer requirements for training Summoning and Herblore, and Death Plateau is no longer a requirement for smithing claws to Buy RS Gold in MMORS.

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