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Runescape Lots More Improvements

Today's RS Goldupdate makes a variety of small improvements to RuneScape.Bigger friends list for members! As a new members benefit, you now get twice as much space on your friend-list. Give you a total of 200 slots.


Multiple of RS Gold is hit-splats during combat. If a player or monster is being attacked by multiple opponents, or is taking damage very rapidly, the game will now show multiple damage indicators at once. This makes it much easier to see how much damage is being dealt. Note: the total damage received is the same, it's just shown more clearly now.Npcs better at retreating. We've improved the intelligence of the npcs a bit, such that if they are being attacked from beyond the edge of their wander zone, they will run away rather than just standing there stupidly in Cheap RS Gold.

RuneScape Launch Plan B
Runescape Easier to Rearrange Bank
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