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Runescape Mysteries and Rune Memories

For the second time this year (which is about RS Gold), we are releasing two exciting quests at the same time, focusing on one of our heroic trio of adventurers. The first of these quests will be an addition to the free game, and is a replacement for the old Rune Mysteries quest. This time, it’s Ariane’s story that’s explored, and it’s a story that reaches back to the very foundations of RS Gold of our oldest game areas – the Wizards' Tower.


Expelled for using forbidden knowledge, Ariane's returned to the Wizards' Tower to face a grave threat. It has long been known that the Wizards' Tower was built on the ruins of an older one, destroyed by a conflict between Saradominist and Zamorakian wizards, but the details have been buried for centuries. With these quests, the full story is revealed as you strive to help Ariane uncover the tower's lost secrets and save the wizards from an unknown peril to Buy RS Gold.

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