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Runescape Phishing Emails Tell You How to Stay Safe

We are aware that some of our Runescapeplayers have recently received a variety of phishing Cheap RS Goldemails: emails claiming to be from Jagex or RuneScape which are designed to steal your log-in details. We understand this can be frustrating, and we can assure you we are working hard to stop the circulation of these emails and to take down the fraudulent websites linked to RS Gold.


In order to help you recognise these RS Gold emails, we have set up a dedicated new thread - Phishing Email Player Warnings - on the RuneScape forums, which contains a short guide on how to check if an email is genuine or not. This thread also lists all known email phishing scams and will be regularly updated with details on any new emails we become aware of.


The chances are they have no idea you even play RuneScape. A common method spammers use these days to send phishing emails is to generate lists of random email addresses, normally of extremely large volumes. The law of averages means that at least a small proportion of these will hit the inboxes of RuneScape players. We are dedicated to fighting phishing emails and have never compromised your email addresses in order to Buy RS Gold.


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