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Runescape Potentially Skill Powerful Individuals RS Gold Guides

As your Runescape port begins to garner fame abou Cheap RS Gold, you'll potentially attract the attention of six powerful individuals, each with their own reasons for travelling back and forth between Misthalin and the Eastern Lands. Once they've shown up, you can send them on some of the RS Gold game's most rewarding voyages, granting hefty helpings of XP, resources and fragments of scrolls for creating new gear.

Depending on how many of the requisite Runescape skills you have at or over level 90, you'll attract more of these wandering adventurers to your port. For example, 90 Runecrafting will unlock Zu Zu: a classy occultist looking to dispel an insidious curse and 90 Fishing will unlock Hubbub: a boisterous whaler with scant regard for personal space, who's dedicated his life to sparring with Shuma: a legendary white whale.

The more Cheap RS Gold you unlock, the more insight you'll gain into the bizarre and beautiful wonders of the Eastern Lands. Certain adventurers will want to work with each other, so keep an eye out for combination voyages, which culminate with the end of a truly spectacular RS Gold story arc.

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