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Runescape Provides you with immediate effect on the trial by fire

Members with a combat level of at least 60 can venture to the ordeal now. There, northeast of Edgeville, there is brutal, exciting and nerve-racking - of course - to experience Potentially very rewarding PvP player battles. Comes ready to fight and ready to die, and only bring equipment, you can get over the loss of her!

After you have paid a rating based on your combat level and the value of your equipment prey fee, you enter the arena. The fee shall be paid to your opponent, if you decide you to retreat, so you're sure you are ready for battle.

Once you're out is within the arena instance - which will be filled with players of various RuneScape worlds - you will be assigned a player with a similar combat level as the target, and vice versa. From then on, you have to find your target and fight against this person, until one of you two was either defeated or leaves the arena. The fight is only against the person assigned to you. If you are successful, you can inventory your equipment and capture vanquished enemy (prayer and curse 'Protect Item' can not be used in the trial by fire), so your hard-won victory will be richly rewarded!

In the 'Feuerprobe' arena you will see anywhere eerie glowing columns that can transport you inside the arena and cause you to be invulnerable for a few seconds after you've used them for transport. Use it to ambush someone from ambush or pursue a strategic retreat.

For each defeated enemy will get their points. Now and then the player with the most points will be appointed to the Champions About the ordeal. This means that two and a half minutes no goals are awarded, no one loses his objects, and will grab a very special kind of bloody mess around. This is the torque of the Champions!

Who bears the title 'About Champion' is two minutes invulnerable and gets three unique, powerful weapons - one for each fighting style, and each has its own special attack and special features. After two minutes, the invulnerability is canceled, and the other players in the arena have 30 seconds to take revenge and above all to capture the special weapons over the Champions and to use them before they disappear. You get bonus points if you attack over the champions, and if you bring the weapons you get more flagship bones. With the latter you can get you some nice rewards with Marv at the entrance to 'Feuerprobe' arena.

The most generous rewards with runescape gold for fighting fire in the sample there is to get hold of when you take the objects of your defeated enemy to you. Defeated players can continue to showcase bones fall to increase their title against death, deadly scorn and ability, your endurance through the use of columns, can exchange. When damage occurs, you need to know, not always on the loser! Furthermore there are rogue gloves that you-if you're lucky - from capture remains long dead warrior can, while you wait for that you will be assigned a target. These gloves wear out, but they have good combat values ​​and increase your maximum hit points while you wear them. However, they can not be worn outside the 'Feuerprobe' arena and must be repaired before its first use. Featured in exchange for bone Marv can do this for you.

So grab your favorite weapon and collect your courage, your list, and spirit. In the trial by fire is one hunter or the hunted - and never was there so much at stake!

Where it starts:

The entrance to the ordeal is located northeast of Edgeville, near the bridge that leads to the Grand Exchange.

You must be member of RuneScape.
Combat level of at least 60
Those who do not meet the requirements, nevertheless can view the introduction.
Upon entering the arena you have to pay a fee prey: the amount is derived from your combat level and your equipment.
In other news:
For the acid test new leaderboards were established.
Bakriminel bolts were revised to make them work like that everywhere in the castle before battle: If the victim has cast a combat spell within 30 seconds, it is vulnerable to the special effect, aiming at the head.
Of blood wood trees in the wild now obtained several more logs!
For the Aztec costume in store loyalty is now at 3,000 points for a discount of 25%. This offer is valid for two weeks, so accesses quickly!

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